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Posted: March 19, 2011 in Story
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When god created this beautiful world, then he left it like that for some time. Then after some time he felt that some thing is really missing in his creation .Then he added some feelings of love in the atmosphere, which added beautiful colours in this world every leaf of the plant, every pebble on the ground, every drop of water in the ocean, every bird twittering in the dawn, started spreading love all around ,then he sat back again and watched for some time .

Then he thought of making his creation more beautiful , so he created us ‘ Humans’ to spread that feeling every where, to love each other, to spread the feeling of love in different ways, then we started making relations and relationship then there came the relationships like mom and child , brother sister, boyfriend girlfriend, friends , husband and wife and so on.We started sharing love among each other and this process of giving and taking love went on for long …

Then after a long time there stepped a small baby girl in this world who also thought the same ,even she wanted to give lots of love and get lots of love ,as she came to this world first she brought love and happiness to her parents and she started growing up slowly she went through her teenage and even like other teenage girls even she started dreaming of her prince charles her Mr. perfect ,lots of guys came on her way , but in her eyes there was a dream of somebody different from this world , she wanted somebody different from other guys she started making an image of her Mr. perfect which she couldn’t find easily.And with her dreams she completed her school, and she left her home for higher studies there she came across many different and new friends among which one came too close to her and slowly occupied her heart and brain , in the beginning the world seem to be like heaven you can find every where lots of love,you feel like singing all the time you want to listen to romantic songs all the time, you feel that god is being too generous to you. somebody is really there who cares for you a lot ,you feel that if you have a scratch there is somebody else eyes which will shed tears , one person in the whole world who can stay the whole life waiting for you , who can do any thing for your one smile , a very special person who will remember your every single and minor things and which will be very important for him ,whom you will feel like gods angle who has stepped in your life the same happened to her too even she started smiling and singing but later on as time passes , in beginning there are 100 calls and sms a day, and night as well. and later its reduced to 10 calls and sms a day and slowly to 1 call and no sms same happened to her too. but still she is keeping on loving , because she knew she couldn’t leave him cause now her breath was stuck in him she knew if she leaves him she couldn’t survive long.To hurt him was to hurt herself for her . now , God knows what’s written in her destiny ,which way her life will take her are they both gonna be together for ever or are their relation going to end some how ,??

Rest of the story will be written as the time tells the story…

To be cont…

  1. rn ido says:

    does 1 person can b fall in love with 3 girls at d same time?

  2. rn ido says:

    how d person know dat he is in true love?

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